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COVID Promise


Our Goal


Produce the highest quality consumer trade shows in the Tri-State area for all of our vendors, partners and attendees, while remaining dedicated to supporting the local communities in which our events are held.


Guiding Principles

            Erie Promotions & Expos has produced a multitude of consumer trade shows and special events throughout the past 35 years in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.  We have built our reputation by working with our vendors and partners before, during and after every event to offer quality consumer shows for our communities.  During these trying times that fact does not change.

            In our efforts to prepare for the upcoming show season and acknowledge the challenges presented by COVID-19, we have been working hard to implement the recommendations provided by our health officials; federal, state and local governments, in addition to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) while utilizing our strategic alliances with marketing partners to communicate with everyone that helps to make our shows successful.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attending indoor events is inherently dangerous, event when those events are conducted in an appropriate and proper manner. Attendees at Erie Promotions events understand and acknowledge that attendance at events may cause COVID-19 and assume the risk associated when attending Erie Promotions events. Erie Promotions shall not be held legally responsible if an attendee contracts COVID-19 subsequent to attendance at an Erie Promotions event.




All participants in our shows and entering the show grounds will be required to wear personal protection equipment (PPE) as prescribed by CDC and Health Department regulations.  As a private event anticipating sizable gathering of participants, the guidelines dictate the wearing of face coverings throughout the entire duration of the show, even if individuals aren’t experiencing any symptoms.  If any participant chooses not to wear a mask or face covering, they will not be permitted access nor issued a refund for their previously purchased ticket.



Show producers and show grounds staff will undertake deep cleaning before, during and after each day of the show to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.  This includes continuous high-touch surface cleaning throughout the show days. Our event staff will also incorporate additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the event space, encouraging all participants to regularly sanitize their hands.  An abundant use of prominent signage throughout the show will stress the importance of regular hand washing, sanitizing and minimizing face touching.



Attendance each day will be limited in order to maintain safe separation of guests.  A number of day-specific tickets will be sold online in advance of our shows.  Once a day reaches its maximum ticket allotment, guests will be invited to select a different day to attend. Guests in line at all entrances will be properly spaced using visual ground markers every six feet, in addition to other distancing signage.  The only exceptions are family members who have been living together throughout the pandemic.